Medical Labs Regulatory Landscape


H/Advisors Cicero undertook an international landscaping campaign, working with six Havas agencies to monitor the medical laboratory regulatory environment across six countries: Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. This project was undertaken to assist the company in understanding the political risks associated with investment in these markets.

Strategy and execution

H/Advisors Cicero coordinated and held overall oversight of the report by providing direction to each country lead, ensuring consistency and quality of insight. Each country lead was provided with a report strawman in advance. Each country provided a detailed analysis on current legislation, policy debates, market news and potential risks associated with an investment in medical labs. 


A report summary and dashboard was created to help navigate the content and ensure clarity. Once complete, each country hosted a 30-minute debrief call to discuss their findings. The project informed the client’s future investment in the medical laboratory market across the six countries.

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Aideen Ginnell

Ireland Director