Sainsbury’s – Social Media Reporting


H/Advisors Cicero works with Sainsbury’s to provide social media intelligence to its public affairs team. This service provides vital intelligence from key politicians, spokespeople and influencers that is then used to inform its digital communications strategy.

Strategy and execution

We provide instant alerts when an MP or other policymaker tweets about Sainsbury’s. We also send weekly reports of all mentions, along with sentiment breakdown and an analysis of competitor mentions, and an overview of the top issues being discussed online that affect the sector.

We monitor UK policymakers, journalists, and custom lists of influencers unique to Sainsbury’s. The reports are written by a member of the digital team at the end of each week using data exported from proprietary H/Advisors Cicero software.


The reports allow the Sainsbury’s public affairs team to react to any issues that are raised by MPs on Twitter as soon as possible and ensures they do not miss any tweets of importance to the business. Alerting key tweets during the COVID-19 outbreak allowed the Sainsbury’s public affairs team to quickly respond to MPs addressing issues raised about product sourcing.

The weekly reports help the team keep abreast of what issues are affecting their competitors and any issues that are arising concerning the business.

When an MP starts campaigning around an issue in relation to one supermarket it can often spread to other supermarkets in due course. Our regular report gives an early warning of future issues Sainsbury’s may need to address.