Cicero/amo news and insights – The sustainability edition

by Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman & Louise Stewart, Strategic Counsel

Although we may still all be in lockdown there’s a lot going on: in the UK, the vaccine roll-out continues apace and in the US there was the inauguration of President Biden, vastly different from previous inaugurations due to the pandemic but a moment we’ll never forget. There was a sense of renewed hope, and the swearing in of the first female, the first African American and first Asian American vice president, Kamala Harris.

She and President Biden have promised to put the environment at the heart of their agenda – one of his first acts as President was to re-join the Paris climate agreement, a powerful sign of the renewed commitment by the US to tackle climate change.

With the UK hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, in November, this edition of the newsletter is focussed on sustainability.

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Iain Anderson

Executive Chairman


Louise Stewart

Strategic Counsel