Tech policy newsletter: FinTech Week recap, UK policy lookahead & COVID-19 developments

by Sameer Gulati, Head of FinTech

Having recently joined the Cicero/amoteam, as the Head of FinTech, I am thrilled to be your new editor for this newsletter – and very much look forward to bringing you all the latest news shaping technology and public policy in the UK. 

With Brexit delivered, and the so-far successful vaccine rollout making the prospect of a post-COVID world seem possible, the Government is grappling with its domestic policy programme. In the past month alone, this has included a Spring Budget, a wholesale review of the UK’s foreign policy, and multiple policy consultations and announcements.

‚ÄčIn this update, we look at how tech has been put at the forefront of the economy, the military, and the COVID-19 response. We also delve into the world of FinTech, which is now seen as key feature of the UK’s future competitive advantage, and into the controversial impact of social media on retail investors.

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Sameer Gulati

Head of FinTech