Franklin Templeton – Emerging markets campaign


Franklin Templeton Investments was looking to promote its emerging market fund TEMIT, with the primary objective of painting a positive picture of emerging markets across a vast array of audiences, from potential future investors to investment professionals.

Strategy and execution

H/Advisors Cicero created an insight engine using proprietary survey findings, economic modelling, and secondary data to create unique insights into the difference between investor perceptions and the economic realities facing these markets – which were often very different.

We conducted a nationally representative survey of 2,000 UK adults, with quotas ensuring a minimum number of respondents holding investments of at least £20,000.

Economic forecasting was produced exploring the trade relationship between the UK and key emerging market countries in order to identify change over the previous 30 years and where future growth is predicted.

H/Advisors Cicero created a number of messaging documents used to fuel press outreach for the whole of 2019 as well as designing supporting infographic content for digital channels. We also created a published flagship report, exploring the changing nature of emerging markets over the previous 30 years. The report was launched at an event celebrating the 30th birthday of the TEMIT fund, hosted at The Shard, incorporating end-to-end copywriting and digital design. 


  • All content was distributed, via the internal communications team, across all social and traditional channels.
  • Content was also hosted on a Franklin Templeton microsite, providing an endpoint to drive social and media traction.

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