DRIVEN Consortium – Showcasing the power of driverless cars


The DRIVEN Consortium is a leading consortium of companies created to further cement the UK’s reputation as a world-leader in the development of autonomous vehicles. H/Advisors Cicero was commissioned to produce nine promotional vehicles (one per member) created from footage of its first autonomous vehicle summit.

Strategy and execution

H/Advisors Cicero created a storyboard of the proposed videos and agreed these with each consortium member, with a footage itinerary agreed in advance and interviews were scheduled ahead of the event.

All interviews and footage were captured within eight hours during the event.

An initial video was then produced and a first edit was sent to each member who then fed back changes, before final films were delivered and distributed across the members’ owned channels.


  • Two-minute promotional videos were produced for all nine organisations involved with the consortium.
  • A further promotional video was commissioned combining the aspects of each individual video to demonstrate how each member is contributing to the initiative (above)

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