KPMG – Senior Partner Social Media Activity Analysis


KPMG commissioned H/Advisors Cicero to undertake an analysis of its senior partners’ social media activity. The aim of this analysis was to outline:

  • Which posts are driving the highest/lowest levels of engagement?
  • Who is engaging? (specifically, KPMG staff vs outside world)
  • How do their posts compare with their competitors both by engagement volume and type of post?

Strategy and execution

H/Advisors Cicero conducted an analysis looking at activity from the past six months, comprising:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the ‘Big Four’ and the selected senior partners’ Twitter accounts;
  • Analysis of output and engagement, including total levels, averages engagement and key trends;
  • Key activity and trends such as posts or events that achieved high engagement, frequency of output, and the topics posted about; and
  • Key internal and external stakeholders who are engaging with tweets.


H/Advisors Cicero analysed the accounts over a period of two weeks and delivered the findings, which were then used to inform KPMG’s communication strategy and to train partners in social media best practice.

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