The great COVID reset: How has COVID shifted views on sustainability and climate change?

by Mark Twigg, Executive Director & Megan Harley, Digital Creative Director

Just as the policy successes after 1945 shaped the twentieth century, so the collective policy failures after the 2009 global financial crisis shape the world today. Now, 12 years on, the global pandemic represents ‘another’ 1-in-100-year event. Yet again, we are faced with a global opportunity to reset. Whether we seize the opportunity, like 1945, or squander it, like 2009, remains to be seen. We are, however, faced with two important questions: what world do we want to create, and will we be brave enough to prevent this opportunity from slipping through our fingers?

This report aims to shed some light on the first question. Based on a global survey of 12,521 households across 26 countries, our research was conducted in the wake of the COVID pandemic and seeks to shed light on how the pandemic has potentially shifted public attitudes towards some of the key issues of our times including the spread of digital technology and existential threat of man-made climate change. It will ultimately be for the politicians and policymakers to determine the second question.

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Mark Twigg

Executive Director