YBS – Government and regulatory engagement


H/Advisors Cicero carried out a government and regulatory engagement programme on behalf of the Yorkshire Building Society (YBS). The objective, regardless of the outcome of the trade negotiations between the UK & EU, was to secure a legislative change that would allow YBS to continue to hold its existing save as you earn (SAYE) accounts in Ireland.​

Strategy and execution:

We created a detailed strategy for YBS which included an extensive political engagement campaign and strategic engagement with the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI). We created a map of all stakeholders most likely to have interest in the campaign and drafted materials and messaging to educate about the issue. 

Our aim was to gain broad support for the proposed legislative amendment and to encourage stakeholders to make their support known to the ministers responsible. We also organised and facilitated meetings between YBS and ministers at the Department of Finance and the Central Bank of Ireland. ​


Our engagement resulted in strong support for the legislative change from the Department, Ministers, and the CBI. The legislation was amended on the 22nd September 2020.​

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Aideen Ginnell

Ireland Director