FCA Business Plan 2021 – A Cicero/amo overview

By Mark Twigg, Tom Frackowiak, Sarah Bosworth and Blair Campbell

As Covid ‘Freedom Day’ approaches, financial markets must adapt to the new realities. So too must the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as the market regulator. The new dawn will not simply mean a return to business as usual. The FCA’s new business plan, published today, creates some clear guidelines in navigating the still-choppy economic waters.

Better outcomes for consumers and ensuring market integrity will be the key cornerstones in the FCA’s new approach.

Cicero/amo has prepared an overview of the FCA’s new Business Plan, detailing seven key priorities, the impact it will have across different sectors within the financial services industry, and analysing FCA CEO Nikhil Rathi’s comments at a webinar launching the Business Plan. We do hope you find this insightful.

Click here to access Cicero/amo’s overview of the FCA’s Business Plan 2021/22.

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