What will be the legacy of newfound household saving behaviour across Europe? New Cicero/amo research

by Ben Hope, Research Director, Cicero/amo

To help business leaders and policymakers understand how European households have changed their saving behaviour throughout the pandemic, Cicero/amo has conducted research on those living in Europe’s ‘big four’ economies, based on responses from 4,006 people living in the UK, France, Germany and Italy.

This latest research gives light to what the legacy of the pandemic may mean for the future of spending and saving among households. A third of households in the UK and Italy either saved for the first time or are now saving more as result of the pandemic.

Many aspects of everyday life have been changed by the pandemic, and while some changes will be temporary, others may become permanent. Across Europe, a sizeable minority expect newfound saving behaviours to remain beyond the pandemic. This raises the questions:

  • Will accumulated funds will be unleased as society reopens to give a much-needed economic boost?
  • And will ‘accidental savings’ seen in the pandemic translate into higher levels of household saving in the future?

Click here to access Cicero/amo’s research into changes in saving behaviours following the pandemic.

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