Aligning Corporate Engagement with the EU Commission’s Strategic Focus

By Andrew Roberts, Head of Research

The European Commission has recently published its second annual Strategic Foresight Report. ‘The EU’s capacity and freedom to act’, presents a forward-looking perspective on important trends affecting the EU’s capacity and freedom to act in the coming decades, including climate change, digital hyperconnectivity, shifts in global demography and much more.

The themes identified by the report affect all businesses, regardless of size and sector. They are themes that will not only resonate with policymakers in the EU, but with your shareholders, the investor community, wider external stakeholders and with your customer-base. The firms that can offer original insight and thought leadership from an industry perspective on these themes are most likely to achieve stronger engagement and awareness across all audiences.

Click here or scroll down to access Cicero/amo’s insights of the key trends identified by the Commission and what firms should be thinking about.

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Head of Research