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HMC Schools, the professional Association of heads of the leading independent schools, wanted to explore how fit for the purpose the UK’s current education system, and whether it is appropriate for meeting the needs of future generations. They wanted to hear from teachers – working in both state and private schools – about how the framework could be improved to better serve the needs of all students to drive social mobility and purpose across the UK.

Strategy and executive:

We co-designed a survey for teachers with HMC Schools, looking into what they feel the purpose of education should be and how far the current education system is helping to deliver this. The survey was scripted and hosted in-house by H/Advisors Cicero, with the link shared organically to respondents though HMC Schools and teacher networks. We had 790 responses from teachers, educational leaders and academics to the survey, the first of its kind that HMC Schools has run.

H/Advisors Cicero presented the research findings back to a working group at HMC Schools, subsequently drafting a thought leadership report that set out the vision for educational reform, with clear calls to action on the change sought by the teaching profession.


Following the HMC Conference in September 2021 where the initial findings were presented, the full report was launched in November 2021. The report was widely picked up across social media, with the campaign receiving Tier 1 coverage in the Times and the i-newspaper. The aim will be to continue the momentum for educational reform into 2022.

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