ThinCats - Using video documentaries to share success


ThinCats is an alternative finance lender providing business loans to SMEs through investments from institutional and retail investors. H/Advisors Cicero was appointed to tell the story of how several companies have used funding from the ThinCats to significantly grow their businesses, told through a series of short documentaries.

Strategy and execution

To capture the heart of the individual business stories we storyboarded and mapped out the key moments in each business’ journey and interviewed senior representatives to tell their account of the organisation’s success. The videos were then edited into a series of documentary videos demonstrating ThinCats’ funding success and client achievements.


  • The final videos received high praise from existing ThinCats clients and prospective clients at a launch event.
  • The videos were released across owned ThinCats channels and were syndicated into shorter edits for release on social media.
  • Promotional activity has led to new business enquiries as a direct result of the campaign.
  • H/Advisors Cicero is now employed to regularly tell the story of ThinCats’ clients through short documentaries.

Three of these client documentaries can be watched below:

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