What is the state of regulating crypto-assets across the globe? Cicero/amo regulatory tracker

Crypto asset adoption continues to grow among retail and institutional investors. With the market capitalisation of crypto assets now standing at around US$2 trillion, the crypto ecosystem is also becoming increasingly intertwined with the traditional finance system as a growing number of regulated institutions offer crypto-assets or services to their customers, or add crypto, or crypto derivatives, to their own portfolios.

The evolution of the market in this manner has made global regulators increasingly concerned with possible threats to global financial stability. As a result, regulators are either bringing crypto-assets inside existing regulatory parameters, designing new regulatory frameworks or, in some cases, banning cryptoassets or certain crypto-asset market features.

This extract from our comprehensive Financial Stability Board (FSB) members tracker summarises regulatory announcements in the EU, UK and multi-lateral organisations over the past six months. I do hope you find this to be of value.

Click here to access Cicero/amo’s FSB members’ crypto regulatory announcements tracker.

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