Conservative party leadership election runners and riders: A Cicero/amo overview

With nominations for the Conservative leadership closing in just a few hours, Cicero/amo brings you its latest analysis on where the contenders stand and how the race for the next party leader and Prime Minister is shaking up. Cicero/amo has provided background analysis of the leadership candidates and their positioning on key policy issues. Although many candidates are yet to lay out a full policy agenda, a fierce internal debate has already manifested on several issues, from tax to Net Zero to the Online Safety Bill, which is currently going through Parliament.

This leadership contest is the most open for many years. Early frontrunner Rishi Sunak still faces many hurdles, not least among the party membership who are yet to be convinced by his platform, according to opinion polls. Two candidates – Priti Patel and Grant Shapps – have withdrawn already today, with several others facing a race against time to reach the 20 nominations for tomorrow’s ballot.

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