H/Advisors Cicero Campaign

H/Advisors Cicero developed AEGON’s global communications programme to support the need for workplace retirement savings, healthcare, and life insurance. This involved the development of global strategic themes across 15 core markets including the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Japan and China.  

Strategy & Execution

We developed a multi-layered research platform, including a global survey across all 15 markets, in-depth interviews with market experts and policymakers, and focus groups with key opinion leaders, employers and employees in the US, Latin America, and Europe. These insights fuelled global content that delivered fresh perspective across the need to make national retirement systems more resilient.

We assisted Aegon in redefining the global debate on pension reform. We identified the OECD as a key partner and developed global alliances with retirement thought leaders around the world.  Our research emphasised the important role of Aegon’s core workplace insurance products as part of the global solution to retirement readiness, which we demonstrated through the creation of the Aegon Retirement Readiness Index (ARRI) which is now in its 12th year.  Our insights and content helped OECD and national public policymakers in designing policies to support the take up of workplace defined contribution plans opening new market opportunities for Aegon in established markets like the UK and emerging markets like Brazil.    

The campaign really placed Aegon at the front and centre of the debate around the sustainability of global retirement systems and the need for a new social contract between the individual, employer and the state

Andrew Roberts – Chief Creative Officer


More than 2,000 pieces of press coverage annually in key markets including the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, US, and Japan. We achieved media placement in global media such as CNBC, Forbes and The Financial Times.

The establishment of two retirement research centres within Aegon in the Netherlands and Brazil producing a series of white paper reports containing global findings.

Input into OECD policy debates throughout the year, including at the annual OECD Forum in Paris and the Global Coalition on Aging. 

The creation of a coalition of employers and over 500 municipal governments in Brazil to support the expansion of defined contribution workplace pension plans.

The creation of the brand campaign to help drive the growth of the workplace and individual pensions businesses in the UK. 

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