IHG commissioned a board level report providing comprehensive insight and analysis into upcoming policy and regulatory developments in the ESG space impacting: IHG operations, its supply chains, its investors and owners of IHG franchises in  key regions identified (EU, UK, US, China).

Strategy & Execution

Working alongside our US and China H/Advisors teams, we provided a bespoke ESG insight and analysis tool on in all key regions identified across (EU, UK, US, China). This was supplemented by a benchmarking exercise, consisting of an assessment of governmental and societal expectations pertaining to ESG in the four identified markets benchmarked to IHG’s existing ESG commitments.

A gap analysis was also conducted highlighting areas in which IHG’s commitments would need to be developed further to keep up with changing expectations (both from a policy and societal perspective). 

ESG regulations and policy are increasingly a part of board level conversations, given the potential material impact on operations across businesses. Our work played a crucial role in informing how IHG build ESG considerations into their future strategy

Helena Walsh – Managing Director, Brussels


The final report was presented by Cicero to the IHG board and  allowed IHG to have a clear understanding of all obligations and opportunities arising from the outlined ESG policy and regulatory requirements (including IHG reporting requirements).

Working with IHG’s internal stakeholders, we identified key actions the business would need to take to overcome the gaps identified and presented. Our findings were used by the IHG board to inform their future strategy. 

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