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We have worked with LINK, the UK’s main ATM network for almost five years. We were brought on originally to support a reputational issue regarding interchange, which is the fee paid between card issuers and ATM operators. This created a significant debate among policymakers and media. However, LINK’s view was that this debate, drew attention away from the fact that as consumers use less cash, there was no defined strategy on the UK becoming cashless and a digital future.

The Independent Access to Cash Review, led by Natalie Ceeney, was launched as a response to this debate and wanted to set out the current trends, issues and solutions. We were tasked to support this campaign across policy, media relations and research.

Strategy & Execution

We constructed a research platform including: a survey on 2,000 consumers in the UK, to understand consumers’ relationship with cash across the UK, fourteen focus groups around the UK. We invited businesses, charities and trade bodies to attend the groups and issued a Call for Evidence in July which closed at the end of September. There were almost 70 responses from a wide range of organisations.

Using the above, we devised a strategic campaign message around the need for cash in the UK, highlighting a number of vulnerable groups, with the aim of influencing existing policy. We built all brand guidelines, campaign logo and content platforms and were responsible for the end-to-end design process of the formal Access to Cash report. We also created all infographic and video content to support brand awareness throughout the process.

Throughout the course of our relationship with LINK we have utilised the entire H/Advisors Cicero toolkit to achieve strong media, legislative and brand outcomes. The Access to Cash Review is right at the forefront of the debate on how the UK develops a strategy for a cashless and more digital future.

Adam Taylor – Managing Director Corporate Communications


The Access to Cash Review continues to be seen as the gold standard on this debate. The Review on the launch received over 2,000 media hits including every single national newspaper, several opinion pieces and widespread broadcast media. This report has led to further work through the Community Access to Cash Pilots and more recently, banking hubs. This work has also helped towards the UK Government introducing legislation to protect access to cash.

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