by Khadra, Intern, Taylor Bennett Foundation Summer Stars Programme

We recently welcomed Khadra to intern at Cicero/amo for a month in our public affairs and corporate communications teams, with the following Q&A completed at the end of her time here.

Click here to read Khadra’s account of her experience across the month.

  • What was your favourite thing about interning at Cicero/amo?

My favourite thing has been the team culture, as everyone has been super friendly and accommodating, making me feel valued as an intern. In my first week, I had introductory meetings with different members of the Cicero/amo team, and it was so inspiring to hear their stories and passion for their roles. I believe I have met someone from every branch of the Cicero/amo team and it has been so interesting to see how each team has different areas of expertise.

Another thing I have loved about interning at Cicero has been the flexibility and diversity of tasks I have been given which has enabled me to gain a real flavour of both Public Affairs and Corporate Communications. The different tasks I have worked on have enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of key issues and complexities across sectors. I am now leaving Cicero/amo with a broader and more nuanced understanding of FinTech, government, business and defence.

Working remotely, I could connect to my team and easily ask questions which has been useful when working on new and unfamiliar tasks.

  • What work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the different tasks I have completed, from research to stakeholder mapping, summarising reports and reaching out to journalists. This has allowed me to gain an unparalleled insight into Public Affairs and Corporate Communications.

I had never worked on stakeholder mapping, but throughout this internship I have been given lots of opportunities to do so which has enabled me to quickly become skilled at an important task.

  • How have you found working with your team(s)?

I have really enjoyed working with each team as they are both friendly, welcoming and funny which made it super easy to fit in. What I have noticed is that both teams are a little competitive and are keen for me to state which team is best which is super funny!

Both teams are super accessible, and each member of staff has gone above and beyond in checking up on me, providing sound advice and giving feedback, which helps me improve.

I have truly enjoyed working with the Public Affairs and Corporate Communications team and it has been an invaluable experience to be part of a global strategic agency.

  • What is the most interesting thing you have worked on during the internship?

It’s so hard to pick just one – but the most interesting thing I have worked on has to be the research on cryptocurrency, FinTech and open banking. These are areas that align with my interests and it was so exciting to work with experts in this area and see how my research will impact strategy.

I have found all my tasks across Public Affairs and Corporate Communications dynamic and engaging!

  • What are your take-aways from the internship?

My key takeaways from this internship include:

1. Internal communication is key: Throughout this internship, I have made it a priority to keep my manager informed of my current workload, whether I am having difficulty completing a task and whether I would like to work on a different sector.

2. Ask questions: Asking questions about the tasks I have been given, providing regular updates and clarifying them has enabled me to make sure I am on the right path when completing tasks, to produce high quality pieces of work.

3. Reach out to the team: Working remotely has made it easier for me to communicate and schedule calls with my team which has been a useful way to get feedback as well as consolidating the connection with my colleagues.

4. Stay connected: As I have met with most of my team in the office, I have added them on LinkedIn and will stay in touch. I am interested in how the teams will get on in the future and have no doubt they’ll be hitting further milestones.

5. Be proactive: I have always looked for opportunities to learn and support my colleagues in their day-to-day job. This has meant I have helped achieve short turnrounds and have gained team-wide exposure is so valuable as an intern.

This internship was organised through the Taylor Bennett Foundation’s summer stars programme. The Taylor Bennett Foundation is a charity that exists to encourage black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) graduates to pursue a career in communications, seeking to address the need for greater diversity in the public relations industry.

If you would like to find out more about similar opportunities at Cicero/amo, please do get in touch.